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Brand Strategy & Image Research

Fine-tune your campaign by discovering the ‘hot buttons’ that are the true drivers of consumer choice.

Case Studies: Image Research in Action

Canada, The World Next Door

Learn how the Canadian government used Longwoods research to turn around a declining tourism sector and changed the image of Canada in the minds of US travellers.

Hawaii, The Islands of Aloha

Learn about how one of America’s premier destinations uncovered hidden motivators for travel and created a campaign that generated, in a single year, over $75 million in tax revenue for the state.
The research conducted by Longwoods was fundamental to building Destination DC’s brand architecture. They delivered a roadmap to launch and sustain what has by all means been a great success.
William Hanbury, President and CEO, Destination DC
Launch a campaign that produces measurable ROI

money_bar_chart-90x90Our research has demonstrated that when creative pushes the right emotional hot buttons, it can be as much as 100 times more effective in terms of return on investment than when it misses the emotional mark.

When combined with Longwoods R.O.Eye accountability research, Brand Strategy research enables our clients to:

  • Launch strategic campaigns
  • Evaluate their creative and media buy
  • Guide and continually refine their marketing strategies to stay ahead of marketplace trends
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