Image Research

Hit the Hot Button

Longwoods image research takes a different approach: one that recognizes emotional engagement as one of the critical drivers of consumer choice. With an award-winning methodology rooted in the science of experimental psychology, Longwoods’ image research uncovers the hot buttons  –  often sub-conscious and usually emotional  -  that are the true drivers of consumer preferences and purchase behavior.

With Longwoods’ image research you can:

  • Discover the hot buttons, both rational and emotional, that motivate consumers in your key markets.
  • Determine your destination’s strengths and weaknesses compared to your competition. 
  • Leverage these insights to create powerful brand messages that are in line with the priorities of your customers.


Our research has demonstrated that creative which pushes the right emotional hot buttons can be over 100 times more effective in terms of ROI than messaging that misses the emotional mark.

The research conducted by Longwoods was fundamental to building Destination DC’s brand architecture. They delivered a roadmap to launch and sustain what has by all means been a great success.

William Hanbury
President and CEO, Destination DC
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