Introducing...Longwoods Compass

“We heard loud and clear from our partners that they were swimming in data and needed a tool that would help them make sense of it all.  The problem wasn’t that they didn’t have enough data, they didn’t know what to do with what they had.  Compass is a platform that will help tell each destination’s story and to provide actionable insights. Partners feel empowered to use their data to make real-time decisions and to think strategically.” 
--Amir Eylon, President & CEO

Compass Logo

The new Longwoods Compass dashboard is a web-based, interactive tool that allows you to dig deeper into your data, making exploration and insight generation easier than ever. The easy-to-use, intuitive system will allow you to quickly move between data points, as well as to effortlessly apply and remove filters to access trends and build comparisons and segments. The sleek platform can be accessed from anywhere, on your computer (including Apple), tablet, or even smartphone.

Compass is currently available for Longwoods Travel USA® and will soon be available for all products.   

Each study comes with a pre-loaded Executive Summary automatically generated from your data, focusing on the most important points your stakeholders will ask about.  The dashboard also features the full data report, which can be filtered to focus only on certain types of trips, such as business or family travel. Both of these feature a streamlined, minimalist design that can be easily exported in PowerPoint or PDF formats. This functionality makes Longwoods Compass ideal for reporting, presenting, or looking up information on the go. 

Additionally, Longwoods Compass houses our interactive crosstab tool, which allows you to dive into your data in detail to answer research questions as they arise. 
Experience the Longwoods Compass platform with a demonstration and contact us for more information.  

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