Most Americans Prefer Travel Destinations That Require Face Masks in Public

There is more than one good reason to follow guidance about mask wearing in public.

Most obviously, wearing a mask — along with hand washing and social distancing — helps stop the spread of COVID-19. And the most recent study by Longwoods International finds that 60% of Americans prefer destinations that require face masks in public. Of that majority, “a third will only visit destinations with mandatory face mask orders,” according to Longwoods.

Only 3% of those surveyed refuse to visit destinations that require face masks.

“With the coronavirus pandemic surging across the country, the required use of face masks has become an important consideration when making travel decisions,” said Amir Eylon, president and CEO of Longwoods International. “Destinations which require face masks are likely to see more visitors than those who do not have such requirements.”

The survey — which was fielded on July 15 — also finds that the percentage of American travelers who feel safe traveling outside their community has fallen to 38%, the lowest level since mid-May.

To provide a representative sample, survey participants matched U.S. census targets for age, race, gender and region.

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