Tourism good for the valley

Great news! Each Coloradoan reduced their tax bill by $115 this year according to the 2004 Longwoods study. This equates to $460 in savings for a family of four. That's right, it's a reduction in taxes paid for by the tourists that visit our state.
Tourism is vital to the stability and economic growth of our community. In 2004, tourism contributed approximately $7.3 billion to the State economy and consistently ranks among the top three largest industries in the state. In addition, tourism employs more than 200,000 Coloradoans, many of whom live and work right here in Carbondale, Colo.

As Carbondale brings in more overnight visitors that contribute to the 2 percent lodging tax, we are able to further promote, develop and market tourism in the town of Carbondale. Obviously, this benefits all area businesses.

It's important to recognize how tourism affects all of us as Colorado citizens. Whether you grow food for a restaurant, give tours of one of the thousands of attractions across the State, work as a gas station attendant or as a police officer, you are impacted by the economic benefits of tourism.

The Colorado Tourism Office is charged with encouraging travelers to visit Colorado. In 2004, the CTO advertising campaign accounted for more than $1.4 billion in incremental visitor spending. Increased spending translates into $89.5 million in additional tax revenues generated from tourism promotion. In other words, for every dollar spent in promoting and advertising, each Colorado visitor spent $292 on average. That is an incredible return on an investment!

A significant investment in tourism promotion reaps huge dividends for the state and our local community. It's worth the effort. And, it's worth our continued and permanent support. I encourage everyone in our community to consider the economic benefits that each of us realizes through tourism and share this vital information with your family, friends and elected officials. Let them know just how much tourism means to your community, and to you.

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