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Travel Wisconsin Scores Viral Hit

HAZELHURST, WI (WSAU-WXPR) — Wisconsin tourism has gone viral.

Travel Wisconsin’s online video, “Real Fun: Our Wisconsin Cabin Story,” has hit more than four million views across social media channels. The video debuted in April and was filmed at Black Cliff’s Resort in Hazelhurst. It follows the Thompson family of Colorado on their annual summer vacation, where they have visited every summer for nearly 60 years.

Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett says the video is striking a cord among Americans who work very hard and don’t get enough vacation time.

“That’s a million views per month since we launched it four months ago. We’ve never had this kind of success in any endeavour, including our very successful celebrity videos,” said Klett.

“A lot of people are not taking that vacation time. Here’s a family that takes it every year. They make it a priority. They could choose anywhere in the world and they choose the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Just having that family time is really striking a chord with people.”

Klett says Among its Midwest competitors, Wisconsin ranks number on in fun, family atmosphere, uniqueness, affordability and outdoor recreation according to Longwoods International, a leading travel research firm.


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