Visitor Research

Know Your Customer

For destinations, accurate and detailed visitor information is critical for marketing success. Who comes? How many? How much do they spend? How do they plan their trip? What are their trip interests? How do they engage with our hotels, culinary experiences, and attractions? These are some of the questions you need valid answers for.


Size Matters

In 1985, our company conducted the largest ever study of American travelers, with a sample of 9,000 respondents. Today our Longwoods Travel USA® syndicated study continues our leadership, with an average sample of 325,000 trips per year. This robust sample size provides accurate visitor profiles for mid-size and many smaller destinations for the first time ever. For larger destinations, it allows for greater segmentation of your customer base than ever before.


Comprehensive Coverage

  Longwoods Travel USA® currently collects trip information on more than 400 destinations for this study, with more added every year. Profiles include everything from the number of visitors, where they came from, how much they spent, primary purpose of their trip, length of stay, planning, booking, transportation, accommodations, trip activities, special interests on trip, use of social media, trip satisfaction, detailed demographics, etc.


Quality Counts

Longwoods strives to provide our clients with the highest quality survey design, sample, and analysis to ensure the accuracy of our data and reports, as they are regularly reviewed by  clients, budget decision-makers, and the media. Each quarter, a random cross-section of panelists is invited to participate in the survey. Our goal is to achieve a nationally representative, projectable sample of American travelers 18+ years of age. We cross-check our visitor estimates against economic indicators and hotel occupancy data to verify the consistency of our estimates.


More Than Your Numbers

In your report, on every measure, you can compare your destination’s performance to the U.S. norm. In addition, clients are granted access to the complete Travel USA® database through our user-friendly analysis program. This allows you on a confidential basis to look at your performance against key competitors. And Longwoods clients can probe the database for any travel trends or other data relevant to their unique marketing objectives.

Our Services

Understand your visitors with detailed profiles including volume and spending.

Find out if your advertising is working in terms of incremental visitation, spending, and messaging. 

What does the traveling public think about your destination? Leverage your knowledge to build more powerful messages.

How does travel marketing contribute to broader economic development goals?

Longwoods' tourism experts can guide your organization through questions and challenges. 

Understand how locals perceive tourism and its impacts.

Use our market research expertise to position your destination for success.