Consulting Services

Longwoods has a long history of providing research-based consulting services to both tourism and non-tourism clients.  The decades of relevant experience of our senior team in the tourism industry has proved invaluable to our DMO (destination marketing organization) clients as they seek advice on how to improve their operations and results.

Insight presentations:  Longwoods senior team member are frequent presenters at national and state tourism gatherings, providing fresh perspectives on topics such as the Halo Effect, Tourism Powers Economic Development, the Rebirth of the Great American Road Trip, the Tourism Sentiment Index and more.

Marketing Reboot:  Tapping forty years of tourism marketing, research and analytics experience, senior team members assist destination marketing organizations in optimizing their marketing efforts.  This includes data-driven recommendations on branding, media selection, market assessments and partner-advertising models.

RFP Process Management:  Longwoods specializes in assisting DMOs maximize their RFP Agency Selection Process.  With the depth of our experience in this area, we increase the number of very qualified bidders who respond to DMO RFPs for our clients, giving our clients a bigger, better pool of bidders to choose from.

Strategic Planning:  With our tourism marketing and research experience, we help DMOs redefine their organizations to meet tourism specific goals and objectives.  Typically, the end result is a new vision and mission, an updated SWOT analysis, multi-year goals and objectives and annual action plans.

Funding Strategy:  Longwoods assists destinations with both research and insights to help identify the most appropriate funding sources and budget levels to meet a DMO’s mission.

Partnership Program Development:  The Longwoods team assists in developing cooperative partner marketing programs at the local, state and federal DMO level.  

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