Custom Research

With decades of combined experience in market research as well as the travel and tourism industry, Longwoods International's team of experts can construct and execute a custom research program for many types of questions facing marketing professionals.

Examples of past Custom Research projects have included:

  • Examining the impact of seasonal wildfires on Oregon’s travel industry.
  • Quantitative and qualitative research to understand people's motivations for engaging with and donating to a Canadian university, guiding the development of alumni relations and fundraising communications.
  • New insights into the Great American Road Trip, using 20 years of Longwoods Travel USA®  data.
  • Study of travel characteristics of families in the United States--those traveling with one or more children-- to offer insights into this lucrative segment.  
  • Measuring the image of a region in the Northeast as a place to live/work/visit among both consumers and business people, to aid economic development initiatives. 


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