Report: WV tourism showing vast improvement for state's image, economy

Dollars spent attracting tourists to West Virginia are far more reaching than a first glance may show, according to officials with the Wild, Wonderful West Virginia Division of Tourism.
A 2016 report by Longwoods International to measure the effectiveness of the state tourism campaign was shared by Amy Shuler Goodwin, commissioner of tourism, on Dec. 15.

The 151-page report showed that West Virginia's current branding and marketing campaign has increased the positive image of West Virginia, while also possibly doubling the previous study in 2014 on return on investment.

The report highlights how the impact of advertising awareness and visitation creates a 'halo effect' that raises West Virginia's image on key economic measures, Goodwin said. The study says that West Virginia is becoming more known as a good place to live, a good place to start a career, a good place to start a business, a good place to retire, and a good place to attend college.

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