ADARA and Longwoods International Create Data & Analytics Powerhouse for Destination Marketers through New Partnership

Utilizing data from ADARA's network of 190+ data partners and the Longwoods' Travel USA® report, DMOs can maximize marketing efforts for increased ROI
Palo Alto, California (April 19, 2018) – ADARA, the world's travel data co-op, today announced a partnership with Longwoods International that provides destination marketing organizations (DMOs) with a robust and actionable view of destination visitors for more powerful marketing campaigns. Utilizing a unique combination of real-time transactional travel data and market research through this unprecedented partnership, ADARA's and Longwoods' joint local, state, national and international DMO clients will have the resources to improve the ROI of initiatives.

In collaboration, Longwoods will work with ADARA to create an integrated analysis of a destination's marketing initiatives and offer DMOs a more holistic look at who is visiting the destination as a result of campaigns.

'With complementary offerings and a roster of mutual clients, our partnership with Longwoods is a natural fit and the first of its kind in the travel space,' says Layton Han, CEO of ADARA. 'There's power in numbers when it comes to data, and ADARA's mission is to offer destinations the most comprehensive network of data from the world's top travel brands. Real-time analytics from ADARA are combined with Longwoods' market research for an unrivaled breadth of insights, granting DMOs the resources to bridge the gap between data sources and maximize the growth of their destination.'

Longwoods International is a respected leader in travel market research, brand strategy and ROI research with a worldwide presence and global roster of travel clients. Longwoods Travel USA®, their signature quarterly study, has been the trusted source for insights about the nation's business and leisure travelers since 1990. Findings from their research will be paired with data compiled by ADARA's measurement product, Impact, which uniquely offers destination marketers information about flight and hotel bookings, revenue brought in by marketing campaigns, and the effectiveness of the DMO website for in-depth insights about travelers visiting the destination.

'Research is most accurate when it's done with a large sample size and a vast network of relevant data,' says Amir Eylon, President of Longwoods International USA. 'ADARA gathers more data than anyone else in the travel space, which allows our team to offer the most useful analysis for our DMO clients.'

Through long-term partnerships with both companies, Visit Savannah can attest to the strength of ADARA and Longwoods separately, and their unmatched power when used together. Visit Savannah gleans insight into annual overnight and daytrip visitation, estimated expenditure, and ROI of advertising initiatives through their work with Longwoods. Using ADARA Impact, Visit Savannah uncovers average Length of Stay and Average Daily Rate, as well as the real-time performance data of media campaigns. Together, Visit Savannah has a complete picture of marketing effectiveness, enabling them to make more informed marketing decisions.

'Visit Savannah has strong partnerships in place with both Longwoods International and ADARA, simplifying the decision-making process for where and how we spend our marketing dollars,' said Joseph Marinelli, President of Visit Savannah. 'Our members rely on us to always be on the cutting edge, and by utilizing the insights and data that Longwoods and ADARA provide, we can be more scientific and strategic in how we go about managing marketing initiatives.'

Market research from Longwoods is used in conjunction with rich data from ADARA's 190+ partners, delivering multifaceted insights for more effective campaigns. Visit Savannah and a roster of other ADARA and Longwoods clients are testament to how this partnership unlocks the potential of marketing initiatives, while also saving time and resources, for increased destination visitation and revenue.

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ADARA is the world's travel data co-op providing a unique holistic understanding of travel patterns, trends and behavior. It's a safe and secure way to share and analyze historical and real time data about more than 750 million monthly unique traveler profiles from more than 190+ of the world's top travel brands. The ADARA data co-op fuels three core business areas: Advertising, Measurement & Analytics and Traveler Intelligence. Together they provide unparalleled access to insights and knowledge allowing travel marketers to increase marketing efficiency, maximize revenues and grow their brands.

Longwoods International is a leading travel and tourism research company with offices in Toronto; Columbus, OH; Scottsdale, AZ; Bedford, TX; Clifton, VA and Lake Geneva, WI. It conducts Longwoods Travel USA®, the largest ongoing survey of American travelers, as well as image, advertising effectiveness, advertising return on investment and other custom research in 12 countries around the globe.

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