Destinations International and Longwoods International Reveal First-Time Research on American Attitudes Towards the Tourism Industry

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May 2, 2019

Washington, D.C.  – Destinations International and Longwoods International today released the first-ever “American Resident Sentiment Towards Tourism” benchmark study in response to the international concern over the sustainability of growth in tourism destinations. The report examines how Americans assess the tourism industry’s growth—both its benefits to their lives as well as the potential pitfalls. The report can be downloaded here.

“This research is vitally important to our members and the entire U.S. tourism industry,” said Don Welsh, President and CEO of Destinations International. “With concerns about the proper management of tourism being expressed both abroad and in U.S. destinations, we need to know the facts about how Americans view our industry and how we can assure their support.”

Longwoods International conducted a national online survey with a representative sample of 1,500 adults drawn from a consumer research panel. The study found broad support of the tourism industry, its growth, marketing, and impact on the environment. In fact, more than 70 percent of those surveyed said they viewed the industry as positive for their state, and 63 percent viewed tourism as positive for the local community. However, the research also revealed that many Americans feel uninformed about local tourism development plans and projects.

“While the general support for tourism was gratifying for everyone involved in the industry, the study also pointed out some communications and planning failings which could damage the industry’s reputation,” said Amir Eylon, President, CEO and Partner of Longwoods International. “We also learned there is a small but vocal minority of Americans who do not share our positive view of tourism’s benefits to local economies.”

In partnership with Destinations International, Longwoods is providing custom resident sentiment research for the association’s members. These studies will allow cities, regions and states to understand local support for the tourism industry and how that support compares to the national norm. This type of information can be critical when developing a community outreach and advocacy effort. Learn more here. 

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